BAS (Hons) ANU, MPhil DPhil Oxford

Director, ANU-IU Pan Asia Institute

Research Fellow, School of International, Political and Strategic Studies

Co-Founder and Editor, New Mandala

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

The Australian National University


My research stretches across the Southeast Asian region and focuses on relationships between government control, spatial organisation and political conflict. I have examined these themes in Myanmar, northeast India and southwest China. While studying these borderland areas I have continued to research, write and lecture about Thailand, a country at the heart of some of my oldest academic interests. In 2006 I co-founded a website on mainland Southeast Asia called New Mandala. It offers regular analysis of social and political issues in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar, and the other countries of the region. Nowadays, my research is taking on an increasingly comparative flavour as I develop field sites outside the parts of mainland Southeast Asia that I know best, including in Bangladesh. In 2014 my core research attention is focussed on political change in Myanmar and the wider Andaman Sea region. I spent the first half of the year undertaking field research for a number of major projects, and was more often found in Naypyitaw than north Canberra. But I have now returned to the ANU campus for the second semester to complete a number of major writing assignments. I also provide regular commentary for the Australian and international media, particularly at times of acute public interest in Southeast Asia and its conflicts. For my details my short CV is available here.

Career highlights

Rhodes Scholar, Balliol College, Oxford; Co-founder, New Mandala; Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award 2007, Royal Society for Asian Affairs; Convenor, core courses in the ANU Master of Asia-Pacific Studies program; Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (2010 – 2011); Inaugural Convenor, Program in Peace, Conflict and War Studies, ANU (2011 – 2013); Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship (awarded in 2012).